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December 2012

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riavenger in connorchronicle

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles prequel movie

Dear friends!

The idea of unprecedented fan-action was born within Russian brunch of Global movement on resurrection of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
The essence of this idea lies in the fact that, in our opinion, the most feasible possibility of Sarah Connor Chronicles continuation is creation of theatrical sci-fi action movie with drama elements (presumably category B). The script of such a movie would tie most of vaguenessies in such a way that would make it entertaining and understandable to both hardcore TSCC fans and newcomers from Terminatorverse.
In our opinion, the following goals must be accomplished:
- the movie must develop the TSCC story in commercially beneficial way;
- it must cover the maximum possible viewers auditory;
- be in close junction with James Cameron's T1 and T2 (and maybe subsequent movies)
The most satisfying story for those goals would be about events taking place in 2027 during the war with machines - The Sarah Connor Chronicles prequel movie. "Prologue".
  The "Prologue" plot would be about the beginning of John Connor as the leader of the Resistance and about machine, lately known as Cameron Philips. This would be a story about crucial events in 2027, about actions and consequences that gave a start for two seasons of TSCC. It is the year the majority of series heroes (their true intensions were not fully revealed) and plenty of terminators came from.
  From our point of view, the main and unquestionable advantage of "Prologue" is that this idea imply the start of "new" story. It would be understandable and interesting to everyone: series fans, terminator movies fans, who are not aware of TSCC or sci-fi and action movies fans in general.
The plot of the "Prologue" will not set any limits on the audience. That means that there will be no limits of the ways the movie can be distributed: it can be shown in the movie theatres, released on DVD/Blu-ray, shown on the television.
It is also possible that "Prologue" might come out as a blend of all the Terminator movies. Full-length version of the of The Sarrah Connor Chronicles will fill in a missing link between two plots, two philosophies in the world of Terminator. It is possible just because the action of a "Prologue" will take place in 2027.

In order for this idea to come true, besides current activities, we need to support the organization of the filming process by finding a sponsor to fund the movie.
Any large company that is interested not only in a direct recoupment of the financed project, but also in potential global advertising audience and social reputation from the invaluable contribution to realisation of the largest fan-action for all history. In our opinion, there are two possible ways of searching potential sponsors. Both of witch have their pros and cons:
1. Official appeal to the actual rightholder of the Terminator franchise - Pacifitor LLC. and their representer WME with an offer to invest the money in filming of this project.
2. Official appeal to other potential sponsors with the same offer. Besides that, we will need to address to potential contractor, TV channel or a filming studio, with a proposition on possibility of placing an order for shootings of the side-funded project, and to the legal owners of the Terminator franchise - Pacificor with a question on legal aspects of realization of the given project.
It is obvious that before sending an appeal to potential sponsors, it's important to support the offer with proofs of gravity of intentions, validity of the approach and sequence of actions. For that matter, in our opinion, we need:
1) To officially address to producers/script writers TSCC - James Middlton, David Nutter, etc., to learn:
- Their opinion about the given project, whether they will take part in it, whether advancement of the project with their name is possible;
- Above mentionet persons vision on possible scenary decisions;
- Possibility to get in contact with persons related to TSCC in WB.
2) Officially address main cast of the series, Summer Glau, Lena Headay, Thomas Dekker, and Bryan Austin Green, in particular with a question on their desire and readiness to take part in the given project.
The result of these actions should show the further direction of project  realisation.
In process of an embodiment of the specified steps it is important not to forget to present our actions in every possible mass-media, excluding cases when it threatens success of the given action.
In any case, the certain resonance in TV-movie industry and fan-environment in connection with this action is guaranteed. That will surely help to achive our main goal – Terminator: TSCC revival!
  If you find this offer interesting and worthy of realisation attempts, than, owing to a geographical arrangement, experience and absence of a language barrier, value of your participation in the given action is difficult to overestimate.

Best regards, TSCC fans

Once again we thank you for attention!
A version of the reference to the potential investors has already been prepared, will be published later and with interest and enthusiasm. It is necessary to notice that the potentiel of the  "Prologue" opens interesting prospects for Terminator: TSCC as well.
Yours faithfully, participants of Resistance: Spirity, Riavenger (idea "Prologue"), VQsyl and others, transfer KAD. terminator-scc.net.ru

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