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December 2012

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theswayedvamp in connorchronicle

[RPG] - Race Against the Machine - TSCC

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    It's not a big deal-they said. They even laughed at the Mayans and their calender. Well who's laughing now? Nobody, that's who. Most people who laughed at the whole idea of 2012...they are dead. 2012 happened, the end of the human race is soon here, just as the Mayans predicted. The end of the world, if only they knew how it was going to end, then maybe we humans could have prepared much better...found out how to survive, how to protect ourselves better.

    Most people took the cowards way out, suicide, or playing for the wrong team...Skynet. Skynet showed up around 2011, wanting to offer its services to protect the people of earth. All we had to do, was become their workers, their little servents, and we would be safe. Some people went for it, and have never been heard from again. Skynet probably killed them, but kept their skins. Once you enter Skynet, your human life is over.

    If you do not understand, look around. The person sitting next to you, might not be a person at all, but a machine. Machines are the enemy, remember that. January 1st, 2012, 1am, the world was clouded in darkness. The sun had such a strong flare, that it hit our ozone, and opened up some sort of portal into the future. Machines dropped from the sky..terminators. They were sent to destroy the humans that did not go with Skynet.

    It is a war now, survivors vs machines. We are unsure who will win, but most survivors are certain, that it is only a matter of time before the last human dies. As strong as we are, as hard as we fight, we have little hope for the future. The terminators are strong, very strong, but they do not think like we do, they cannot learn like we do. We learn from our fights, learn how the machine moves, how it sees and communicates with others. Soon, we will be able to get into Skynet and free our people. Soon, we will find out how to shut down the whole operation of terminators, and be able to re-build out lives.

    Earth belongs to the humans, to people who can take care of it and want life, and beauty back.

    I will not allow earth to become a machine.
    I will not allow humans to become machines.
    I will not allow us to die.
    I am a survivor, and I fight for you.

    My name, is John Connor. And the war to end Mankind, is here.